The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 August 2002

Above us, only roof

From the Department of Why The Hell Not: The Air Force, having discovered that as much as half of its on-base housing for families is in disrepair, an issue which affects retention rates, is going to experiment at some bases with turning the facilities over to the private sector for maintenance and service. Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma will be one of the early test sites. Under the scheme, private contractors will bid on first upgrading and then maintaining base housing. One hundred thirty-two of Altus' 966 units will be demolished; the 834 remaining will be refurbished, and 87 new units will be built. Base housing staff will meet with contractors this fall to begin the process.

Is this a Good Thing? Altus' Denise Hastye, in charge of the project, says:

"This is about quality of life. A person who has to go off to fight a war can't be worried about whether or not his family is being taken care of back home."

At least they seem to have their priorities in order.

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