The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 August 2002

Shock jocks are a crock

We don't get Howard Stern here in the Sanitary State of Oklahoma, and I don't feel particularly put out about it: it's always seemed to me that the more the envelope is pushed, the weaker it becomes, and eventually everyone is going to be disgusted.

So I didn't shed quite so many tears over the demise of Opie and Anthony as did the OmbudsGod, and while the God's conclusion ("It's high time for the FCC to get out of the business of abridging freedom of speech on the airwaves") seems fairly inarguable, I still tend to believe that if anything goes, the audience goes — elsewhere.

As usual, James Lileks is on the case:

"Maybe the next time some promotions director floats the idea of sponsoring a fellatio contest in a day-care center, he'll be met with hard looks instead of high-fives. This stuff is 'controversial,' sure — but only by the most banal definition. Sawing off a puppy's legs on the air is controversial. Stuffing a midget up Anne Sprinkle and having him broadcast from her oft-examined cervix is controversial. It's also sick. It's tiresome. It's the work of people so jaded they think that intellectual bravery is defined not by the traditions you honor, but the ones you debase."

And I don't think you have to be suffering from creeping oldfarthood to believe this, either.

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