The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 August 2002

Mom! Big Brother won't give me a hall pass!

Columnist Michelle Malkin rails about California's attitude toward parents who home-school their children, which has apparently mutated from surly indifference to outright hostility:

"Mocking home schoolers as fringe radicals and religious extremists, meddling with their teaching materials, and forcing them to beg public school officials for permission to educate their own children wasn't enough to defeat the growing movement. So now California's educracy has adopted a new motto: If you can't beat 'em, criminalize 'em."

The latest example of this hostility is a memo from California Deputy Superintendent Joanne Mendoza which basically says that paperwork for homeschooling will not be accepted from anyone without state-approved teacher credentials. And according to ScrappleFace, that's not all it says.

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