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31 August 2002

Destined for the B-list

I happened upon a place called Conservatives Suck. Its foci, in no particular order, seem to be baseball, Bush-bashing, and bare breasts. Not the stuff of legend, perhaps, but a lot easier to read than, say, Bartcop.

Posted at 10:12 AM to Blogorrhea

Yo this site is the best. Just discovered it and its blowing my mind, witty comments and insites on major world events and tits what more could you ask for. The site is rideing the crest of the blog wave and yes i'm from California, Dude.

Posted by: E-Nuf at 5:19 PM on 31 August 2002

My momma read your comments 'bout me being b-list, and she's gonna kick your ass.

Posted by: Ruston Eastman at 5:21 PM on 31 August 2002

Don't feel so bad. I've been on the D-list for so long I'm starting to think I was born here.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:56 PM on 31 August 2002

And is it just me, or isn't it obvious that this "B-list" business was derived from the alliterative properties of the list of the chap's major interests?

Posted by: CGHill at 10:23 PM on 31 August 2002

I thought the same thing. But then again, obvious is as obvious does. Or something to that effect.

Posted by: VCraigie at 7:05 AM on 1 September 2002

It's all good. My comment was in jest, as I believe his was. The important thing here is that my site is linked :). Hope you enjoy it...

Posted by: Ruston Eastman at 10:55 AM on 3 September 2002

At least it stirred up a bit of traffic, which is the main thing when you're trying to set up a new blog. (I suspect you're already doing better than I was at this point in development.)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:53 PM on 3 September 2002

I noticed today that Blog Hot or Not was missing, after it plunged to 1.7.

Posted by: Ravenwood at 1:29 PM on 5 September 2002

He's got more guts than I do, just putting that thing up in the first place. (I gave him either a 5 or a 6, I don't remember which; seldom do I hand out anything outside the 3-7 range unless I am truly moved, in one way or another.)

And something's wrong with his template, or with Blogger, but we shall see.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:47 PM on 5 September 2002

Yes, my template is messed up, and I'm not sure why. Ravenwood wants to give me a hard time for everything, but oh well, I don't know html, and I'm trying to learn it. I tried to add something, it didn't work out, I deleted only what I added, but it's still screwed. And yes, I didn't want to put a 1.7 rating on there. However, I had mostly 5's or better, yet I was still at 1.7. That was mostly my reasoning. And I'm sure that Ravenwood put a 1 every time he went on, just to get under my skin. Mr. Hill, thanks for the support.

Posted by: Ruston at 11:27 AM on 6 September 2002