The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

3 September 2002

The legend that was Lemons

He won 599 games, missing the 600th by one point in his last game before retirement. "Damn referees," he said. "I'll miss them less than anybody."

Abe Lemons had a quip for everything. He coached basketball for thirty-four years: eighteen at Oklahoma City University, three at Pan-American University, six at the University of Texas, and then seven more years at OCU.

"Maybe it would be best for me to finish at 599," said Abe. "People seem to like you better when you finish just short."

Naw. Everybody liked Abe, win or lose, and 63.6 percent of the time it was win.

And now he's gone. His name is over the door of the basketball arena at OCU; his influence will be felt by everyone in Oklahoma hoops for many years to come.

Posted at 7:43 AM to Soonerland

Abe went from OCU to Pan-American? Interesting, I wonder if there's a connection that move and Bob Hoffman's move from OBU to Pan-Am?

Posted by: Mike at 4:04 PM on 4 September 2002

I don't think so, unless there's some prevailing belief at Pan-Am (now in the UT system) that the best place to look for b-ball coaches is somewhere in Oklahoma.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:55 PM on 4 September 2002