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3 September 2002

The last of the line

Okay, $71,500 seems like a stiff price, but it's the last Chevrolet Camaro to be sold. (It's the second-to-last Camaro off the assembly line; the actual last vehicle is bound for a museum.) General Motors pulled the plug on the Camaro and its sister ship, the Pontiac Firebird, after more than three decades, citing plummeting sales and high costs — no other GM car is built on this platform.

At least it's a Z28. With T-tops, of course. And Chevy is donating the proceeds to charity. On to Woodward Avenue, and let those eight cylinders be heard!

Posted at 3:47 PM to Driver's Seat

Ha! When I was a senior at Choctaw Hight School back in '84, the *ultimate* car for any kid was the Camaro, be it brand-new or old. I, of course, didn't deem a Camaro worthy of transporting my uppity it was a '73 Chrysler New Yorker, aka "The Boat," for me. Uh, the fact that it was only $800 was another deciding factor.

Posted by: DavidMSC at 7:25 PM on 3 September 2002

Uppity? At Choctaw? How is this possible? :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:27 PM on 3 September 2002

Remember -- I was a *transplanted* Choctaw-ian, having moved there only one month before my senior year. I moved there from witty, urbane, sophisticated Spokane, Washington, which goes a long way towards explaining my "holier than thou" attitude at the time. ;-)

Posted by: DavidMSC at 7:08 AM on 5 September 2002

Witty? Urbane? Sophisticated? Spokane?

Sometimes you scare me, Dave. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:15 AM on 5 September 2002