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6 September 2002

Oxymoron: "Property Management"

During the six years this site has been in operation, I have delivered a few righteous denunciations of things which I thought needed denouncing, but I don't think anything in this domain qualifies as a world-class Fisking; I've never really been all that vicious.

Until I got home this afternoon and found, of all things, an eviction notice waiting for me, five days after the rent was due — but seven days after it was paid. And I've got the receipt to prove it. What's more, they cashed my check on Tuesday, which is rather easily verifiable by a call to the bank.

So this particular quasi-Fisking will be delivered in person tomorrow morning. I don't really expect anyone to quake in fear when I arrive, but you'd better believe they're going to be shaking when I depart.

And if their response is not satisfactory, well, it will be Google-able for the remainder of eternity, for the edification of all.

Update, 6:40 pm, 7 September: The one staffer on duty happened to be the one who signed the rent receipt, so there was little arguing to do; what bothered me was the bland admission that, well, these things happen. Perhaps they do; however, they should not.

Posted at 8:29 PM to Dyssynergy

What happened? I feel at least a month's free rent is in order. If not an entire six month lease worth! Sheez.

Posted by: Michael Stockwell at 11:42 AM on 7 September 2002

Dang! What happened? What kind of lease do people use there in Oklahoma?

Posted by: Dean Esmay at 3:30 PM on 7 September 2002

Apparently one that comes in two stages, of which I was given only the first, due to carelessness in the front office.

Other than that, it's pretty much the sort of document you'd expect where the landlords (but not the tenants) are consulted when the statutes are drafted.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:36 PM on 7 September 2002