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7 September 2002

Another look at Roe

Dean Esmay offered the following observation as a comment to a posting at Cut on the Bias that I'd previously mentioned here. In it, he brings up something I hadn't previously considered:

"[S]urveys show pretty clearly that pretty much half of American women now generally classify themselves as 'pro life' and a firm majority of women would support more restrictions on abortion than Roe v. Wade rammed down the country's collective throat....if we held a special referendum where only female voters were allowed to decide the fate of abortion in the United States, the rabid pro-choice crowd would howl with rage at the result."

I doubt any such referendum would ever take place; the male of the species would howl with rage at being disenfranchised. But if Mr Esmay's numbers are correct, at least part of the philosophical underpinnings of the pro-choice position — that opposition to abortion would scarcely exist were it not for a small core of activists — has already started to disintegrate.

Posted at 10:37 AM to Life and/or Death

Where is this link again to D's comment? I can't seem to find it. And I would be interested in knowing what surveys he's referencing.


Posted by: page at 2:04 AM on 8 September 2002

It's on one of Susanna's articles:

I think Dean's about #12.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:24 AM on 8 September 2002