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15 September 2002

Alternative tools

Blogger still is the dominant content-management system for bloggage, with Movable Type coming up fast on the outside, and there are a handful of others, not to mention good old classic hand-coding, which I did for umpteen years. (I still do, on items outside the purview of this blog.)

But there's always room for another one, if it's good, and Marc Lundberg over at Quit That has come up with something called SimCat, which he's using for his own blog. It's still in test mode, but then one could argue that anything blog-related is more or less permanently in test mode anyway.

Posted at 5:32 PM to Blogorrhea

GreyMatter Rulz! Actually, Blogger is still my first love -- you never forget your first CMS...and Movable Type has some strong features, but it just doesn't seem as easy to tweak as GM. FWIW, IMHO. :-)

Posted by: DavidMSC at 10:03 PM on 16 September 2002

BFD. :)

Actually, I've tweaked the hell out of MT, and it's my understanding that GM is no longer being updated.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:09 AM on 17 September 2002