The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

17 September 2002

Round two

Runoff elections are today, and the two biggest races are on the Democratic side of the aisle, for seats currently held by Republicans.

Governor Frank Keating is out due to term limits, and while Rep. Steve Largent easily won the Republican primary, none of the four Democrats were runaway favorites, forcing a runoff. I tend to prefer Vince Orza over Brad Henry, Orza's previous dalliance with the GOP notwithstanding, and I'd prefer a bowl of blue Jell-O over Steve Largent.

David Walters, who used to be governor, and who got into some serious trouble with campaign finances during his term, will face Tom Boettcher for the right to lose to Senator Jim Inhofe in November.

There are other things going on, but these are the ones that are going to get the breathless, insipid local news coverage tonight.

Posted at 7:25 AM to Soonerland