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17 September 2002

Lessons from life (yet another in a series)

Do not mention the word "Florida" in the presence of polling-place workers in any other state in the Union.

They will not be amused.

Posted at 5:20 PM to General Disinterest

Heh...don't mention "Florida" to any rational person...that state just can't seem to get it together...just in the last several years, we've had the shootings of German tourists, the Elian fiasco, the Presidential election mess, the very recent "suspected terrorists" shutting down Alligator Alley, and now this election chaos. Can we sell Florida to another country? Or maybe make a trade: we'll give Canada the state of Florida in exchange for, say, Manitoba or British Columbia.

Posted by: DavidMSC at 9:01 PM on 17 September 2002

The Canadians are already pissed at us.

Personally, I think we should hand it over to Cuba in exchange for a dozen or so baseball players.

(Andrea Harris, of course, will be allowed to move before this takes place.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:03 AM on 18 September 2002