The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 September 2002

From the Really Dead Tree Department

News Item: Rosie O'Donnell is ending her publishing deal with Gruner + Jahr USA. Matthew Rose says G+J CEO Daniel Brewster told Rosie mag staffers that O'Donnell is effectively shutting down the magazine, but the company will consider other publishing options using the existing infrastructure.

Top Ten Rejected Titles For The Magazine To Replace Rosie:

10.  R: The Ricki Magazine
  9.  Shopping with Winona
  8.  We're Not Redbook, Dammit
  7.  Sharon Osbourne's Family Circle
  6.  Sewing Patterns Again!
  5.  Up Yours — And Other Helpful Tips
  4.  Lifetime Original Movie Digest
  3.  As Seen On QVC
  2.  NASCAR Girl!
  1.  Ellen

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