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22 September 2002

Prescription for hideousness

"Is it just me," I wondered, "or are all these new Walgreens stores real eyesores?"

It's apparently not just me.

Posted at 7:01 PM to Dyssynergy

The Walgreens store design comes from the "Fuck-You" School of Architecture, wherein whatever the local ambience may be, that of Walgreens will be unchanged.

Earlier examples of this school are to be found in 1970s Holiday Inns and 1980s Hilton hotels.

Posted by: Kim at 3:38 PM on 26 September 2002

It's certainly true here, where they've rushed to snap up nearly every parcel of land near other chain drugstores. Of course, "local ambience" around Oklahoma City is arguable at best.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:26 PM on 26 September 2002