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2 October 2002

Truly unleashed

Lynn Sislo is touched by the Fiskatorial Muse, and the first object of her scorn is one James Crabtree, who came up with this humdinger:

"Why have Americans started to vilify the Guardian? Why does the actor John Malkovich want to kill the Independent foreign correspondent Robert Fisk? And why is the Princeton economics professor Paul Krugman writing with a new-found attention to detail? Answer: Fisk, Krugman and the Guardian are all victims of the latest web-publishing phenomenon: blogging."

Victims, indeed. I don't see anyone silencing the Guardian or Fisk, and it's probably about damn time Krugman started paying attention to detail.

But Lynn isn't going to let Crabtree and his ilk off that easily:

"I don't think I've actually shifted to the Right. It's just that since September 11 the Right has done a much better job of shutting up their lunatic fringe, while the common sense Left has gone into hiding and let their lunatics take over. So the Left is worried about the Right dominating the blogosphere. This sounds to me like more of the same kind of whining they always do every time someone expresses a different opinion. The right-wingers are trying to shut us up; our civil liberties are being violated; freedom of speech is hoo hoo... All while sitting at their PC posting on their own personal website where anyone in the world might read their blatherings.

"I come across lefty blogs all the time. I've even linked a few of them. The 'problem' is not that the blogosphere is dominated by the 'Right', it's that the blogosphere is dominated by common sense. Let a blogger from the far right start preaching their own brand of lunacy — (Sept. 11 happened because God is angry...Creationism is just as valid as evolution etc.) — and that person is just as likely to get a severe fisking as any of the loonies on the far left."

Ask Townhall's Ben Shapiro, who was slapped down by Right and Left.

Lynn's title is Wanted: Common Sense Lefties. You know they're out there somewhere.

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