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3 October 2002

Harshing your melanin

This looks promising: The African and African Descendants World Conference Against Racism, billed as "A Conference for Concerned Black People from Around the Globe".

They're serious about it, too. Delegates to the conference have voted to bar all nonblack participation. Conference chair Jewel Crawford explains:

"There are a number of black people who have been traumatized by white people and they suffered psychologically and emotionally and, as a result of that trauma, some of them did not care to discuss their issues in front of them."

Someone send this woman two tickets to Barbershop.

Posted at 6:58 AM to Say What?

so i guess they decided to throw "Against Racism" in there just for the heck of it?

maybe they thought it sounded better than "The Black Conference: Black People Who Want to Bitch about Being Treated Unfairly and Simultaneously Strengthen the Weakening Partitions Between Races, to Effectively Reduce the Chance of Ever Having One Single Race". probably just too long to remember. then again, if they'd stuck with that, maybe they could save the time of the folks that actually showed up because they are against racism. ;)

Posted by: beth at 11:38 AM on 3 October 2002

If racism ever came to a screeching halt, most of these people would have to get real jobs, and we can't have that, can we?

Environmentalists are like that, too. If we were to wake up some morning and the air was clean and plants were sucking up as much carbon dioxide as we were emitting and you could swim in any body of water big enough to hold you, an awful lot of these people would suddenly find themselves unemployed. So it's a safe bet that they're not going to propose anything that might actually, y'know, work.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:13 PM on 3 October 2002

I am so sick of minority groups playing the blame game. i'm glad to see that the readers here and posters have half a mind, if you are intersted I just read a book called, "In Defense of Elitism" very good book, although you will have to brush up on your vocab if you intend to read and absorb it. So if racism is to blame for the failure of blacks both individually and communally how do you explain illegal alliens can come here, and make a living illegally and not only support themselves but also family.... talk about a "black eye" for the blame whitey movement. Or what about Asians...? MIT, Stanford etc have to put a CAP on them to allow us Whitey's a chance. Maybe its a social problem. In the past lower class was there due to racism, but not any more... lower class is there now because they lack the social structure to imbed success in the current and next generation (affirmative action, ebonics, welfare, RAP music, sports idols,"acting white if you get good grades", black rage, and various other blame games.) please e-mail me at to discuss if you have a disagreement.


Posted by: sean at 1:23 PM on 22 January 2003