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4 October 2002

A bevy of barbs

I do love snideness, especially when I don't have to come up with it all myself. What follows is a small collection of snarky remarks that have turned up in blogdom this week.

Susanna Cornett, on the possibility that the Green Party's 2004 Presidential Candidate will be that loosest of cannons, Cynthia McKinney:

"Oh, that's a move in the right direction — from Nader to McKinney. Way to make strides into the mainstream."

Bill Quick notes a certain similarity in Microsoft security bulletins:

"I think M$ probably has a huge file of templates somewhere that just allow them to fill in the blanks: 'Microsoft (announced, warned, screamed) that security (flaws, holes, gaping wounds, complete submission) in (Outlook, Word, Office, Windows) could (permit, allow, encourage, demand) an (attacker, hacker, bored ten year old kid) to (take control, own, destroy) a user's (PC, family, home, brain).'"

Frank at IMAO, suggesting an alternate wording for the leaflets being dropped on Iraq this past week:

"On the outside it would say, 'We wanted to tell you how great America is and convince you that Saddam is evil and that you should turn against him...' and then on the inside it would say, 'but we decided it was easier to just lace this card with deadly poison.'"

Finally, James Lileks cashes your reality check:

"I freely admit to preferring Star Trek to The West Wing, and if you think that makes me a dork, well, it is entirely possible that one day Mankind will develop some sort of interstellar drive, but there isn't a chance in hell Martin Sheen will ever become President."

You gotta love stuff like this.

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