The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

20 October 2002

Graven in stone

Members of a class of Joshua Claybourn's were asked to compose their own epitaphs. (I don't know what class, and I didn't ask him.)

I've thought about this myself on and off, and the following have occurred to me:

  • "This is worse than a dial-up"
  • "At least the phone doesn't ring"
  • "Comments (0)"
  • "Worms don't really play pinochle"
  • "27370 days until copyrights expire"
  • "No updates today"
  • "I'm surprised the kids spent money on this"
  • "cgh@rest.finally"
  • "I suppose I was late for this too"

Posted at 4:31 PM to Life and/or Death

hez d3d, d00d

Posted by: Quana at 12:19 PM on 22 October 2002

I was never quite 133t enough 4 that.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:18 PM on 22 October 2002