The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 October 2002

They said it wouldn't last

And they were right.

Renaissance Radio moved a faltering AM station out of Wichita Falls and into Farmersville, pointed it towards the Dallas/Fort Worth MetroWhatever, renamed it KCAF — "Café 990" — and instituted something previously unheard, maybe even unheard of: a talk format aimed specifically at women.

That was Monday. Thursday KCAF was dead, loans to finance the station's immediate post-startup period having fallen through, and now if you tune into 990, you get the satellite feed from Radio America.

Perhaps it's a good thing this station was in Texas. Had it been located in, say, California, there might have been lawsuits filed by anguished listeners demanding that the station remain on the air, money or no money.

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