The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 October 2002

The free-market approach?

Today's spam has just the right amount of shamelessness. It emanates from, misidentified (of course) as, and which is duly enshrined at SpamCop.

And the text? Get this:

Don't even think about paying for porn on the net! What's the matter with you? Why are all you new surfers on the net running around with your credit cards and paying for porn?

Don't you see that by paying for porn it ruins it for all of us who get it for free?

Normally, this sort of thing sets off my TANSTAAFL alert, but since I don't frequent porn sites — I once had one of those one-year pass things, which I used two or three times to peer at some grainy Victorian erotica or some such stuff, but I let it expire, and anyway this wasn't sent to the email address I used — I consider it more of a mere curiosity. Not enough of a curiosity to induce me to click on the proffered link, though, which apparently leads back to a site hosted at, a Minnesota Web host which may not know that it's leasing space to someone who's, um, giving it away.

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