The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

27 October 2002

Berserk? We got that

I've been to Sallisaw, Oklahoma a couple of times, and while it would be unfair to call it "sleepy", it's not the most rambunctious place on the map.

Yesterday, some self-absorbed high-school doofus took it upon himself to wake up the place in the worst way, and when his petulant tirade ended — the police shot out the tires of his pickup truck — two people were dead, at least eight were hurt, and the twerp was in jail. He's 18, so they'll throw the book at him.

This being Oklahoma, no one is likely to start shrieking about some imagined need for stricter gun laws, but there's always going to be the question: "How is it that this state produces so many goddamn idiots?" None of the standard responses — weird religious groups, generally low educational levels, scant per capita income, proximity to Texas and/or Arkansas — is likely to provide any answers.

(Before you comment: I was strange before I got here.)

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