The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 October 2002

Enough with the boomers already

People have been sick of the baby-boomer generation for some time now, though few seem quite as annoyed as TeeVee's Philip Michaels, who writes:

America will watch as the Baby Boomers yammer on, through their TV series surrogates, about how memorable their life and times have been, how lasting their legacy, and how much better their music is than anything you or I ever listened to. It's a little bit ironic, considering that this is the generation that greeted their parents' oft-told stories of growing up — how tough they had it during the Great Depression, how they had to MacGyver up everything from living quarters to toiletries — with eye-rolling contempt. Well, the Baby Boomers have become their parents, prattling on and on while everyone within earshot wishes they would just shut the hell up.

I'm not about to give in on the music question — the lamest sub-Spectorian girl-group opus is about three orders of magnitude better than anything you'll ever hear out of Christina Aguilera — but otherwise, I'm shutting the hell up.

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