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1 November 2002

Minor skirmishes

Some people are unaccountably proud of taking Michele at A Small Victory off their blogrolls. Reason enough for me to add her to mine, I'm inclined to think.

And the Professor reports that his October bandwidth was 261.45 gb. For comparison purposes: October bandwidth was 0.651 gb.

Update, 2 November, 9:30 am: Mike at Cold Fury knows exactly what sort of crap up with which Michele has been putting.

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The traffic comparison between Reynolds and the rest of us is even worse than the bare bandwidth figures show. Pictures suck up a lot of bandwidth, and Reynolds uses all those gigs without ever displaying any pictures (at least I don't recall the last time he had one) except his teeny tiny logo.

Speaking of which, I also just added a link to A Small Victory, partly to spite the small-minded Gang of Four who de-linked her, partly because it looks well worth reading, mostly because I couldn't resist her logo.

Posted by: Dr. Weevil at 8:32 AM on 2 November 2002

I have the grim satisfaction of knowing that my traffic could increase fortyfold without tripping my host's bandwidth limit. Not that it's going to happen at any point: the only blogs less likely to be Instalanched than mine are those run by lovesick thirteen-year-old girls.

I've read A Small Victory for about three weeks on and off. (She's had two logos during this period, so I suspect she cycles through a number of them.) It's a worthy blog, and the writing is distinctly above average. Besides, she doesn't suffer fools gladly, always a useful trait.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:49 AM on 2 November 2002

I feel like I walked into the middle of a private conversation.

Thanks, both of you. And I'll be keeping that logo for quite a while. It seems to be a hit.

Posted by: michele at 9:12 AM on 2 November 2002

Thank you for turning me on to Michele's site! I'm definitely linking to her.

Posted by: Vicky at 3:32 PM on 6 November 2002

It's worth the trip. The most amusing aspect of all this, of course, is that in their pathetic effort to shut her up (or shut her down), the Gang of Four probably quadrupled her readership.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:58 PM on 6 November 2002