The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

5 November 2002

Decline and fault

Keith Olbermann asserts:

Take as your starting date almost any time since Lincoln was shot and you can trace an overall — if not consistent — loss of brainpower among the chief denizens of the White House. This is not likely to right itself.

I must have missed Warren G. Harding's Nobel Prize presentation somewhere along the way, but Olbermann insists that it's all perfectly obvious. Of course, Olbermann also thinks voting should be mandatory, a premise that is at the very least arguable.

If today's politicians seem to lack a philosophical bent, it's because so many of them think the basic issues are settled, and they're content to take their turns at the reins of the Nanny State. And as I get older and more contrarian, I become increasingly vexed with a political establishment which can argue with a straight face that one of the most important issues facing America today is how the government will help me buy drugs.

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