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7 November 2002

Last gasp for fighting fowl

Oklahoma State Rep. Frank Shurden (D-Henryetta), one of the more reliably loose cannons in the legislature, has announced that he's planning a bill for next session to reduce the penalties for cockfighting imposed by the newly-enacted ban. No one, says Shurden, should have to serve jail time for participating.

And Shurden may have an ally in Governor-elect Brad Henry, who in the past has characterized the penalties as too severe and yesterday said that the cure might be worse than the disease.

What is most likely to happen, with or without Shurden's bill, is that cockfighting will eventually become one of those laws which is enforced selectively: the state is likely to look the other way unless they're trying to stick it to someone for some other reason. In rural Oklahoma, things will go on pretty much the way they always have.

Posted at 7:16 AM to Soonerland

Im seventeen and have more common sence than all of them animal rights folks put to gether. I live on the boarder of Kansas/Oklahoma and I enjoy handling my roosters in the pits of north east Oklahoma. I think these folks need to think about what there doing before they do it next time. They want to turn this country into a communist country were they tells us what to and not to do all our lives and we can't let that happen now can we. So please stand up for your lifestyle and your rights as human beings.

Posted by: kyle abbott at 10:48 AM on 29 April 2003

i would like to make a comment i have over 500 game birds . I fight them every weekend there is nothing better in the world cock fighting has been around for hundreds of years and will be around for a hundred more ..i live in kentucky and it is really big up here .I love my fowl and wouldnt have it any other way .

Dee ann

Posted by: Dee ann at 8:26 PM on 29 July 2003