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11 November 2002

Icing on the cake

The United States Arctic Research Commission, noting that the polar zones are warming more quickly than the rest of the globe, has projected that in five to ten years, it will be possible to sail through what is now the Arctic ice cap at least a couple of months out of the year, cutting 6800 miles off the shipping distance from Asia to Europe. For supertankers, which have to round Cape Horn because they can't get through the Panama Canal, the difference is over 11,000 miles.

Assuming the Commission has called this one correctly, the fabled Northwest Passage is here at last, too late for Henry Hudson and Martin Frobisher, but on time to be a genuine boon to today's global commerce. And to think we did it all with our modest little SUVs.

Posted at 11:28 AM to Dyssynergy

I am humbled that I, through my wife's ownership of a Ford Explorer XLT, am contributing to international trade and geographic exploration. I just *knew* that the anti-SUV jackasses would get their come-uppance!

Posted by: DavidMSC at 7:19 PM on 11 November 2002

As the owner of a Mazda, I can sum up my thinking in two words:


Or is that technically one word?

Posted by: CGHill at 7:33 PM on 12 November 2002