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14 November 2002

Broadcast snooze

Christmas music is bad enough on the 24th of December. On the 14th of November it is an abomination. Now add three dollops of synthetic Nashville twang, and you have "The Bull's Country Christmas", the Bull in question being radio station KQBL. There's just one catch: this isn't airing on KQBL, but on KMMZ, the erstwhile "Memories 96.9".

This much I know: Citadel, one of three major group owners in town (the others being Renda and — gag — Clear Channel), has negotiated a Local Marketing Agreement with Chisholm Trail Broadcasting, the smallish state chain which owns KMMZ. Under the LMA, Citadel will assume responsibility for programming the station, in exchange for an undisclosed percentage of revenues.

This much is speculation: Citadel will move KQBL's programming to 96.9 on or about 26 December. The alt-rock "Spy" stuff, currently heard at night on WWLS-FM (105.3), will take over at 104.9. Evenings on WWLS-FM will return to simulcasting its AM facility, known familiarly as "The Sports Animal".

Why is this happening? I suppose it's another splash in the ongoing pissing contest between Citadel and Clear Channel. And it gets better: The Oklahoma Publishing Company has agreed to sell WKY, the oldest AM in town (it goes back 80 years or so, and OPUBCO has owned it for 74 of those years), to (wait for it) Citadel. WKY is currently programmed under an LMA by, you guessed it, Clear Channel.

In the meantime, Renda's three stations are all comfortably perched in the top six, and they couldn't care less about any of this stuff. Nor do I, really, except for its amusement value, since most of my radio listening is to that weird NPR and PRI stuff.

Posted at 5:16 PM to Overmodulation

Nice predictions. I too almost pulled off the road while scanning and heard Kenny Rogers singing some Christmas song.

But, if they want to move The Spy full time to 104.9 that is fine with me. The other "alternative" station in town sucks. The guys who are programming The "new" Spy at least sound like they know what they are doing.

Now, if we could only get Jim Rome back . . .

Posted by: Chris at 12:15 PM on 15 November 2002

And at least it will have better coverage at 104.9; the 105.3 facility was built as a contemporary-Christian outlet licensed to Kingfisher and was never intended to reach into the midst of the OKC metro.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:18 PM on 15 November 2002

Oh contrare on 105.3 not intending to get into the Metro because of the Kingfisher License. The station was billed mainly as an Oklahoma City station. Management was going after K-Loves market share.

Glad to hear Citadel is making Cheap Channel work for their money... because you can tell they haven't. Especially the poorly ran KTOK. That afternoon Mike is a joke! He is terrible! I don't get it. he has no point to make. And Melissa Gandal, for crying out loud, she has no delivery. She should be on a college station teaching journalism somewhere.

Posted by: Undercover Radio Guy at 9:28 PM on 18 November 2002

I can't figure out K-Love. They have a perfectly respectable C3 in the Okay City (KYLV, 88.9, 4400 watts); why do they bother with that 75-watt translator at 99.7? Just to annoy Tyler?

And I suspect a lot fewer questions are gonna be answered in weeks to come; it looks like is closing shop.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:11 AM on 19 November 2002