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14 November 2002

A song by Saddam

Well, it started out as a song by Paul Simon; if nothing else, I've proved that my scansion can be as idiosyncratic as his.

Cue the guitarist, and:

An autumn day,
It's the middle of November.
I say, "Go home,
Take your damned inspectors, nothing here to see!"
'Cause the only thing that matters here is me:
I am Iraq, I am defiant.

I build bombs,
An arsenal of mayhem,
That none will take away.
I put my trust in Allah that I will prevail,
And in turn, my god assures me I won't fail:
I am Iraq, I am defiant.

Don't talk of war.
Well, I've played the game before;
It's quite a recent memory.
I do not fear the Yankees, or their putrid stench;
If I need to, I'll call Russia or the French:
I am Iraq, I am defiant.

I have my guards,
And artillery to defend me.
I am shielded from their bombers.
Hiding in my room, fearing not the tomb -
I stand by - "Holy shit, that one came close!"
I am Iraq, I am defiant.

(And Iraq never learns,
And a tyrant finally dies.)

Obviously "Weird Al" Yankovic has nothing to worry about from the likes of me.

Thanks to Bob Radil, who suggested this (though not to me, actually) on (Yes, I still read Usenet. Who knew?)

And apologies to Mr Simon. I admit, this one is even worse than "I Am a Schmuck (I'm from Lawn Guyland)", which I shan't repeat here.

Posted at 6:20 PM to Dyssynergy

I LOVE IT! :-)

Posted by: Bob Radil at 5:13 PM on 15 November 2002

I don't know what came over me.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:59 PM on 15 November 2002

Sang it all. What a RIOT!

Posted by: Jay Fink at 6:36 AM on 28 November 2002