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15 November 2002

The power of pasta

If I remember correctly, the oldest woman ever to appear in a Playboy pictorial was fifty-five. (This would be Nancy Sinatra; how does that grab you, darlin'?) Still, there are names on the magazine's wish list who will never be removed no matter how old they get, and one of those names belongs to Sophia Loren, who reportedly is miffed for being offered only £100,000 for doffing her designer duds. This does not mean that if Hef ups the ante, she'll do the deed, but the sheer thought of it — well, do I actually want to see a 68-year-old Italian woman in a reasonable semblance of her birthday suit?

If you've read this site for more than twenty seconds, you already know the answer.

Posted at 7:27 AM to Almost Yogurt , Birthday Suitable

One better: howsabout Kate Hepburn? Hubba, hubba! Back in the 30s, she was truly the ultimate hottie, IMHO.

Posted by: DavidMSC at 2:00 PM on 16 November 2002

I think they cloned her in the Sixties and put out the second-generation product under the name "Susanna Cornett".

Posted by: CGHill at 4:40 PM on 16 November 2002

Shame on you, Mr. Hill! (ok, I was kidding...I'm laughing too hard to type any more...)

Posted by: Quana at 9:06 PM on 16 November 2002

Me? I'm shameless. Always have been. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:14 PM on 16 November 2002