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18 November 2002

Too familiar a view

I really think this guy at Lactose Incompetent has actually worked here; either that, or it's just as bad the world over and we are all screwed. Neither of these is comforting.

The corporate world is naught except high school revisited, a Hellish school system from which there is no summer break and no hope of graduation in a scant four years. Managers act as upper classmen intent on demonstrating their power and authority over the lower caste; co-workers are of the same genus and phylum of bullies, nerds, pets, and Big Men on Campus. The human resources department are cast in this drama as twisted guidance counsellors concerned less with your development than in your obedience to policy and procedure.

I do my best to get a summer break in spite of them. Otherwise, this is spot on; as the bottom-ranking nerd, I have no hope.

Posted at 11:59 AM to Dyssynergy

It's the world. Sorry.

Posted by: lactose incompetent at 3:25 PM on 26 November 2002

I was afraid of that.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:48 PM on 26 November 2002