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20 November 2002

Will blog for food

Miss Christine takes a dim view of tip jars:

Blogging is NOT a job. Everytime I see a pay-pal button asking for donations so some schmuck can get paid for aimlessly rambling on a web page, I am insulted. Because really folks, that is exactly what it is. Self indulgent rambling. No one depends on your weblog for critical information. It's still more akin to some deep-seeded exhibitionist tendencies than news reporting.

Possibly even deep-seated, at least from where I sit, but I'm not quite so sour on the concept. Yet. If by some fluke of nature I start pulling 2,000 visitors a day instead of 2,000 a week, it won't cost me one dime more to operate this site. Let it become 20,000 a day (yeah, right), and maybe I'll get worried.

Besides, were it not for self-indulgent rambling, I'd have a lot less to read in the evenings.

Posted at 6:59 PM to Blogorrhea

Makes perfect sense though, doesn't it? A lot of them claim to be merely seeking reimbursement for the charges to keep their site online. We know though that there are those who will never stop believing that the net is a virtual pot of gold.

Posted by: ms7168 at 7:12 AM on 21 November 2002

Well, it's a pot of something, all right, though I suspect gold is not high on the list of ingredients.

I never figured to turn a buck from this site; it's always been just My Little Soapbox™, nothing more.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:53 AM on 21 November 2002

I think some people are getting way too worked up over this silly little issue. Tip boxes are NOT an insult to anyone. You're free to ignore them if you don't like them. About 6 or 8 months ago, right before I started my blog I read that Andrew Sullivan made $17,000 from his tip box. Holy cow! I will keep on blogging and never expect to make any money from it but if I could I certainly wouldn't see anything wrong with it. It's not like I'd be holding a gun to anyone's head.

Posted by: Lynn at 3:56 PM on 21 November 2002

Yeah, but Andrew had just left his day job; he was, shall we say, under a lot of pressure.

And I doubt seriously that anyone, even the InstantMan, draws anywhere near this much in the way of, um, reader funding. I've doled out maybe $300 this year to various blog tip jars (and around $100 to charities supported by blogs), but this hardly qualifies me as a major benefactor, unless everyone else is a lot stingier than I've been led to believe.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:19 PM on 21 November 2002