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23 November 2002

Cannon fodder (the sequel)

By now everyone has read the saga of Joe Zarro, kid journalist at San Diego State, who took it upon himself this week to badmouth the armed forces of the United States of America. The response from blogdom was immediate and forceful, which should surprise no one.

And it probably should surprise no one that not everyone at SDSU buys Zarro's mindset. In the next day's Daily Aztec letters column, Maureen Hammerquist of the University's enrollment services makes it quite clear:

I'm married to a man who has worn a military uniform for the last 18 years. He has always performed to his best and strived to better himself while putting his life at risk on more than four deployments and in more than two war zones. I take your editorial statements personally because of my strong opinion that your blanket statements don't accurately reflect the true duty of the men and women in service to our country.

My grandfather also wore a uniform and served his country in World War II. He then went on to serve for 22 years as a U.S. Congressman. Does this mean that he is twice the tool for imperialism and twice the "bastardizer"? You wouldn't think so if you knew what he stood for, and, gasp, in spite of the political party he represented.

That's the trouble with those damn generalizations: they're just so, um, general.

And finally:

As a spouse, I may not always like all the negativities associated with the military lifestyle, but I am proud of what my husband does and what he represents. He saves lives, and who knows, one day one of the lives he saves could be yours.

Let's hope that by then this kid's education has included a couple of courses in gratitude.

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I hear that military personal share similar feelings about whiny know-it-all english majors from the left coast.

Posted by: Ravnwood at 3:56 PM on 24 November 2002

er.. I mean personnel.

Posted by: Ravnwood at 3:57 PM on 24 November 2002