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26 November 2002

Want some seafood, Mama

Well, there's the Port of Catoosa, outside Tulsa, which actually supports a fair amount of shipping (barging?) traffic, but other than that, we're pretty much landlocked here in Soonerland. We don't care. You walk into Albertson's and head for the Butcher Block meat counter in the back, and you'll find that two-thirds of the space is used to display shrimp and fish and lobster and crab, and only a smidgen of it is that fake "krab" stuff made of ground mopheads. There were even dolphins at the Oklahoma City Zoo, until some of them took ill and the zoo eventually decided to close the exhibit.

No dolphins at the new Oklahoma Aquarium, which will open in the spring near Jenks. They expect half a million visitors a year, and I can't imagine them missing the target; we do love our wet stuff.

Posted at 7:51 AM to Soonerland

Am I the only person who "got" the reference to Quarterflash...?

Posted by: DavidMSC at 8:23 PM on 27 November 2002

Actually, that was a nod to something even earlier - the Andrews Sisters' "Hold Tight", about which I had sent an email to Lileks after he wondered about its interpolation into "Three Little Fishies".

But now that I think about it, helped by having taken to heart a couple of Quarterflash records - yep, that was a previous incarnation of the band, or something.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:38 PM on 27 November 2002

You've one-upped me, Charles!

Posted by: DavidMSC at 8:54 PM on 27 November 2002

I am trying to contact some band members for quarterflash. they came to my hometown and I had the privelage of singing with them-anyone?

Posted by: Debbie at 3:13 PM on 20 September 2003