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5 January 2003

Trailers for sale or rent

The American movie-going public has apparently adjusted to five or ten minutes of advertising before the Feature Presentation. We don't like them, mind you: we're just resigned to the inevitable.

This sort of blasé acquiescence hasn't made it to China yet. Zhang Yang, upset because the 9:30 showing of Hero was delayed until 9:34 by advertising, filed suit against the theater and the film distributor, demanding the removal of the ads and a refund of his 40-yuan admission (not quite five bucks), plus an additional 40 yuan as compensation. Zhang Yang, as it happens, is a lawyer. Of course, had this happened in the States, there would be a class-action suit and demands for damages in the millions of dollars, which, after legal fees, would eventually be paid off to members of the class in buy-one-get-one-free coupons for Raisinets.

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Posted at 11:52 AM to Dyssynergy

Yes but the lawyer would be well on his way to replacing the "M" in "millionaire" with a "B".

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 2:24 PM on 5 January 2003

BTW, I was astounded at how long the ads went on and on and on when my wife and I went to see The Two Towers. I thought we were lucky to reach the theater in time to get tickets to the noon show instead of having to wait for the 12:30, but we could have walked into the noon show's auditorium at durn near 12:30 and not missed any of the movie.

That's why I love my DVD player -- not even the abbreviated assortment of ads that you get on rented VHS.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 2:27 PM on 5 January 2003

No kidding (re: Two Towers). I went to a 1900 showing and the movie didn't begin until about 1940. 15 minutes of car ads, followed by an anti-drug PSA, then relentless march of previews for what must be every movie being released next year.

Posted by: Paul at 10:25 PM on 5 January 2003

And they all look like they are going to be lousy movies too. Standouts in incipient lousiness: The Core -- "We bad American military scientists have destroyed the earth! Oh no!" Best line, to how much it would cost to hire the Eccentric African-American Scientist's ('Cos It's Their Turn to be the Eccentric Scientist That No One Believed Or Needed Until Now) earth-core burrowing thingie: "Will you take a check?" And the second standout in the Oh-my-god-that-is-going-to-suck category: Bruce Almighty, wherein it is established that the Average American guy, once endowed with all the Powers of the Almighty God, will of course use it for the important stuff, like making your girlfriend's breasts bigger, and teaching your dog to use the toilet. When Jim Carrey's face came on the screen, the audience let out mutual groan of dismay. And then there is the upcoming Dumb and Dumberer, which is obviously so awful that they didn't dare show any scenes from it.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 8:22 PM on 6 January 2003

I think I can avoid the movies for a few months now. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:09 PM on 6 January 2003