The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

5 January 2003

With honors

There is a marked dearth of home-schooled youngsters — that is to say, zero — in the National Honor Society. Not a reflection on the students; it's just that NHS has chapters in schools, and that's that.

Now there's an honor society for home-schooled kids who excel. In 1999, the first chapter of Eta Sigma Alpha was founded in Houston. Now the organization is going national: it has spread to at least ten states and more than twenty chapters.

Why bother, you ask? Membership in NHS scores points on college applications; membership in Eta Sigma Alpha, which has standards even higher than NHS, will eventually score points for the home-schooled. And it's one more step toward burying that stereotype of home schooling as a tool of fundamentalist Christians to ensure that their spawn grow up pious and dumb.

(Muchas gracias: Mrs. du Toit.)

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