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6 January 2003

The Vegas idea

Penn and Teller live in the deranged metropolis of Lost Wages, Nevada, which means that they don't have to seek out showbiz: showbiz looks for them.

Once a year, Penn puts out a list of films, bands, acts, and whatever he watched during the previous year, not so much because he thinks we should care but because it fits in with his need to document everything. The 2002 list, for some reason, is smaller than 2001's.

Teller? He didn't say a word. Go figure.

Posted at 7:19 AM to Almost Yogurt

I guess you missed Penn's airport security experience.

Posted by: Ravenwood at 6:18 PM on 8 January 2003

Actually, I did see it, but it spent so much time on the first page of Blogdex I assumed everyone had already read it.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:40 PM on 8 January 2003