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8 January 2003

In one general direction

It's said that if you're twenty and you're not liberal, you have no heart, and if you're forty and you're not conservative, you have no brain. What does this mean as fifty arrives? I have no idea, and I prove it in the latest issue of The Vent.

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How about if you're over 40, USED to be conservative, and consequently REALLY show you have no brain? These ads begun by Arianna Huffington have gone above and beyond the limit of social responsibility and acceptability. To even DARE insinuate that Bush's ads linking drug use to terrorism should be the equivalent of driving an SUV supporting terrorism is sheer lunacy and, frankly, she should be arrested for harrassment. It's another self-proclaimed attempt at harrassing citizens of the United States as they drive legal automobiles, while she herself flies in her personal jets and rides in her personal gas-guzzling limosines to work and back, as does most of the "exempt", Hollywood. This is nothing but the beginnings of more covert terrorism upon the citizens of this country..the kind of terrorism that plays on the mind of people and convinces them that THEY are the "bad guy". (PS - Yes I drive an SUV, and, thanks to idiots like her, my next one is going to be a Hummer).

Posted by: Vickie at 5:24 AM on 9 January 2003

If I were running Ford, I'd build one even bigger than the Excursion, and call it the Arianna.

"Why drive one of those puny SUVs that can all fit in one time zone? The Arianna, by Ford."

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 7:13 AM on 9 January 2003

The Excursion will reach Extinction after '04; demand has slackened in recent years. Besides, "Arianna" is a name more suitable for Mercury. :)

As for Ms Huffington herself, I don't know what happened. Maybe it's a by-product of her divorce.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:23 AM on 9 January 2003

In response to post from vicki about buying a hummer: I think it would be proof of your arrogance if you would buy a hummer right now and post a picture of yourself in it with a bunch of flags posted all over it- maybe it makes you feel better to know that you are the reason for war. I pity angry little people in big, oafy trucks.

Posted by: Joshua at 2:00 AM on 10 January 2003

Sheesh, Josh. If you really wanted people to use less oil, you'd be out pounding the pavement for a sizable — say, $2 a gallon — increase in the gas tax. But you're not doing that, and you know why? Because it would affect you. Demonizing SUV owners at a distance permits you to feel all smug and superior without having to experience any discomfort yourself. I suspect your entire concept of democracy in action is predicated on someone else making the sacrifices for you.

(Dear Vickie: If you run over this guy, bring a box of dental floss. It works wonders for getting organic material out of the tread.)

Posted by: CGHill at 1:34 PM on 10 January 2003

Dear Josh:

Thanks for the buck two-eighty psychobabble. It warms the cockles of my heart to know you libs are out there concerned about my being the "angry little person in my big, oafy truck". See, Josh, you gotta spend less time worrying so much about what we free Americans drive and more time working on your eighth grade education (or lack thereof) which teaches the fine art of sarcasm built into a commentary. It'd do you wonders and keep you off the street where I'm more likely to run you over with my Pathfinder than with the sixty grand HumVee I'd never get because I'd put it toward a downpayment on oceanfront property first before I sank it into a Hummer. But see, hon, that's MY damn CHOICE to make, and as long as you recognize that it's YOUR damn choice to sit there and throw disparaging stones toward an issue which makes about as much sense as tits on a bull, then we'll all be happy (as long as you don't get in my way).

Posted by: Vickie at 2:31 PM on 10 January 2003

In response to post from Joshua: I think it is proof of your arrogance if you would post a picture of yourself on your moped with a bunch of burning flags posted all over it- maybe it makes you feel better to know that you are the reason for terrorism. I pity angry little people on little, flimsy motorized bicycles.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 4:13 PM on 10 January 2003

IF YOU BUY GAS YOU SUPPORT TERRORISM! Check out "If You Buy Gas..." a hilarious, scathing spoof of the Partnership for A Drug Free America that doesn't miss the point! It's been on over a month before the SUV thing and it says it all. "If You Buy Gas..." can be accessed at:

Posted by: Digistain Productions at 10:14 PM on 14 January 2003