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11 January 2003

Tall and tan and young and lovely

Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim with a lyric by Brazilian poet Vinicius de Moraes, "The Girl from Ipanema" was a huge hit (#5 in Billboard) in the States in 1964, in a recording by Stan Getz and João Gilberto for Verve, with Jobim himself at the piano and Gilberto's wife Astrud on the English-language (by Norman Gimbel) vocal. The picture it paints in the mind is vivid indeed, but it never occurred to me to assume that there was a model for it.

Now comes word that The Girl herself, Helo Pinheiro, now 55, will appear on the cover of Playboy's Brazilian edition in March, alongside 24-year-old daughter Triciane. I simply have to get a copy of this — for historical purposes, of course.

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(sigh) That song is one of the most evocative and haunting ever recorded.

Posted by: DavidMSC at 10:10 AM on 12 January 2003

You have rekindled my interest in history. I will have to check out the history book you mention. Just for the stories, mind you.

Posted by: fredf at 12:39 PM on 12 January 2003

I heard that song over and over on the radio when I was eight years old. As David said, its provocative and haunting. For years it rattled around in my head and head. At the age of 43, I found a copy of the original version. And it still haunts me. It still makes me wish that man could get even a mere glance from her. I'll be listening to that song when I'm 73. And I'll still be wishing that all men who love someone the way she was loved, will someday get at least a glance.

Posted by: jim at 1:27 AM on 31 October 2003