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15 January 2003

The Misery Brook interceptor

There isn't a whole lot of news value here, unless you happen to live in the neighborhood; I just like saying "the Misery Brook interceptor". It seems like there ought to be a science fiction and/or fantasy story lurking behind that phrase.

Beffa swore vividly — we pretended to cover our ears — and abruptly stood up. "Well, what are we going to do about this?"

"We don't have a lot of choice," said Number Four. "The Frenesi have already annexed the section nearest to the crater. They're bound to get here sooner or later."

"Will an Interceptor do the job?"

Number Four shrugged. "Maybe. The standard-issue Interceptor will just barely slow them down. We need a 24-incher at least."

Beffa frowned. "Cap won't go for this. We used one of those at Misery Brook and it took us the rest of the war to pay for it."

"You think the Frenesi are gonna have an installment plan?"

"Point taken," said Beffa, turning back towards the comm desk.

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