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16 January 2003

Scratch and discard

In case anyone had any doubts about it, Governor Henry was serious about that we-need-a-lottery business he was spouting before the election. He's got a sponsor for a lottery measure in the State House, and is shopping for a Senate sponsor. The Democratic establishment seems to be viewing the prospect favorably; the Republicans, dominated by conservative Christians, are likely not keen on the idea, but I believe they'll go along with Henry's call for a referendum, since this issue has been up for a vote before and it has always lost.

Last month, I raised the spectre of tribal gaming as a potential threat to a state lottery. Henry isn't worried; he says the tribes don't have the infrastructure — in particular, they don't have enough retail access — to implement a lottery large enough to present a threat.

If the Guv gets his way, the referendum will be in late summer. I want to see the particulars before I decide how I'll vote on it.

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The anti-lottery conservative Christians need to stop and take a look at reality. A lot of Oklahomans are already spending their money on lotteries in Texas and Kansas. People are always going to waste a certain amount of their income on vices no matter what. Might as well keep the money in Oklahoma if we can.

Posted by: Lynn at 1:11 PM on 18 January 2003