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16 January 2003

And now, the news/talk

It's official: Renda Broadcasting's KOMA will drop the oldies on the AM side and switch to news/talk some time next month. How well they will fare is anyone's guess. KTOK, a Clear Channel station which has had this format to itself up to now, has a strong syndicated lineup (including Rush Limbaugh) but a decidedly weak news operation. And both stations' ointments have a fly to deal with: WKY, once its acquisition by Citadel is approved by the Feds, is also going news/talk. The Oklahoma City market (population about one million) can probably support two stations with this format, but three? The markets closest to Oklahoma City in size — Rochester (New York) and Louisville — have only one each. Then again, those stations score top ratings, which KTOK doesn't.

Posted at 10:42 AM to Overmodulation

KOMA in Oklahoma City? Man, I haven't heard that in about a thousand years. I'm not from Oklahome, but grew up in Kansas, and we used to get KOMA at night in northwest Kansas. It just brought back a lot of memories!

Posted by: Patty at 8:19 PM on 16 January 2003

To me, what else are you going to do with AM stations? :( Granted three NT's is a bit much but then we have =four= country stations.

Posted by: ms7168 at 6:25 AM on 17 January 2003

I expect we'll lose one of those country stations in the next year or so. Clear Channel owns two, so the weaker of the two is the more likely to get a format change — though which is the weaker is currently in doubt.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:20 AM on 17 January 2003