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18 January 2003

An exceedingly minor milestone

As of this week, in its Movable Type incarnation (which began in late August 2002) is actually averaging (slightly) more than 1.0 comments per post.

This is, of course, no great shakes — delightful extroverts like Rachel Lucas can pull dozens of comments on every single post — but there's some small comfort in knowing that I'm not just talking to myself here.

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I can't let this post go uncommented!!! :-)

Posted by: Donna at 7:54 PM on 18 January 2003

Hey! Sometimes we reads and comments, sometimes we just reads...think about it.

Posted by: Quana at 11:42 PM on 18 January 2003

Yeah, but it's harder to get a fix on who's just reading and whether they actually like it or are just trying out the link to see if it works. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 1:12 PM on 19 January 2003

I'm with ya. I get to feeling really foolish sometimes feeling like I'm just making faces in the mirror... auto-blogging. Then _surprise!_ another face winks back at me from the other side of the world!

Posted by: fredf at 3:31 PM on 19 January 2003