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19 January 2003 it?

There hasn't been a really good answer to this since Johnny Carson retired ten years ago.

Until now, courtesy of Weetabix:

[I]t is 5 degrees outside. And thatís straight temperature. Not including wind chill, which brings it down into the range of Colder Than The Uterus of Donatella Versace.

Every time I see that, I have to clean the monitor. Again.

Posted at 6:23 PM to Dyssynergy

"I will add a word of advice, if I may", said Boromir. "I was born under the shadow of The Uterus of Donatella Versace and know something of journeys in her places. We shall meet bitter cold, if no worse, before we come through on the other side. It will not help us to keep so secret that we are frozen to death. When we leave here, where there are still a few trees and bushes, each of us should carry a faggot, as large as he can bear."

Apologies all round, but I just couldn't resist.

Posted by: Bigwig at 7:47 PM on 19 January 2003

It sounds funny, even if I don't know exactly why this Versace chick has a cold interior...

Posted by: DavidMSC at 8:54 PM on 19 January 2003

The legend lives on from Mr. Blackwell on down
Of the ??? hag they called Donatella
Her husband they said never slept in her bed
He preferred to spend time with a fella...

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 8:28 AM on 20 January 2003


Posted by: CGHill at 9:06 AM on 20 January 2003

Gordon? Gordon Lightfoot? Is that you?

Posted by: bigwig at 10:36 PM on 20 January 2003