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25 January 2003

A star is born

As a prominent member of the D list, I have the honor of occasionally finding A-level stuff and pointing you toward it, usually with words of praise.

For this, I can find no words, except that you must read it — and that you will never, ever forget it.

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Wow, very moving. Thank you for linking to this.

It brings to mind this amazingly eloquent post, On Remembering, by Tony Woodlief.

Both are unforgettable.

Posted by: Oscar Jr. at 12:59 PM on 25 January 2003

Good thing I have a cold, and the sniffles coming from this computer will sound normal.

Gotta go hug my kids now.

Posted by: mtpolitics at 3:24 PM on 25 January 2003

Thanks, sweetie, for the link. I am very comforted to know that in my little way I was able to share what an incredible impact Bryan had on us all and that there are numerous good thoughts sending him on his long winter's journey into night.

Posted by: Weetabix at 6:36 PM on 25 January 2003

I wept. (note to self, hug kids twice tonight)

Posted by: okuturn at 3:39 PM on 28 January 2003