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27 January 2003

1520 and all that

Apparently somebody wants oldies on 1520. In the wake of KOMA's announcement that they will drop their musical programming on the AM band in favor of news-talk, WWKB in Buffalo will attempt to recreate their Top 40 glory days (when they were WKBW) as KB1520.

Directional antenna arrays, of course, still exist, so bereaved KOMA listeners will likely have no luck trying to tune in WWKB. Still, it's nice to know someone thinks the format is still viable in 2003, nearly forty years after Beatlemania.

Posted at 5:57 AM to Overmodulation

it's a shame they are going to give the axe to the oldies, i remember when they dropped rock and roll
for country, i quit listening to koma for years, until one day i found out they were playing oldies on 1520, and now again i will quit listening to koma until the music returns
walter moreland
santa clara nm

Posted by: walter moreland at 12:06 AM on 1 February 2003

Well, the last day is Sunday, 2 February; the news/talk format kicks in on Monday. I don't know how long this will last, but around here, snagging a single ratings point is cause for celebration.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:41 AM on 1 February 2003

How about a whopping 1.3 share for the "great" news-talk format. They had almost that much with just a simocast of the FM.. with a little luck 1520 will be back to music in a year or so (I HOPE!) Maybe they'll get the idea from KB to go back to Real Oldies, huh?

Posted by: staff at 11:46 PM on 26 November 2003