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28 January 2003

Tutu: solid flesh

John Perazzo did a pretty good job of slicing and dicing Bishop Desmond Tutu in FrontPage last week, but as always these days, it takes a blogger to really finish someone off. In this case, it's Patty at Pdawwg.

Tutu is quoted thusly:

"We're giving up on a fellow human being when we demonize a fellow human being," he said. Exhorting his listeners to remember that Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and al-Qaeda members are also children of God, he stated that "the Christian God we worship gives up on no one."

To which Patty says:

Who said we gave up on them? If we send them to God, he can figure out the state of their souls.

Once again, Tutu, as quoted in FrontPage:

"[S]ome of the greatest saints in the Christian firmament were notorious sinners," [he said], and wondered aloud whether such people as Mary Magdalene and St. Francis "would have survived indictment" in the United States.

Patty knows better than to buy into this one:

I missed the part in Butler's Lives of the Saints where Mary Magdalene and St. Francis induced others to blow up innocent civilians.

Desmond Tutu, man of God and Nobel Peace Prize winner, yet. Jeebus. How did he ever get out of pushing a barrow in the marketplace?

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Probably about the time he put Molly to work with the barrow so he could stay home and do his pretty face for a change.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 4:49 PM on 28 January 2003

It's the Christian's duty to say that all have sinned and to give forgiveness to sinners.

The conflict for them is always to know when to act to prvent more violence. Reminding them that it's more death and carnage that we're working to solve is the proper response methinks.

Posted by: Dean Esmay at 12:54 AM on 29 January 2003