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30 January 2003

For my Carnival visitors

There's a whole lot here to read, some of which is actually worthwhile.

If you'd like to improve the odds of finding a good read while you're surfing, Bill Peschel keeps a list of Best Internet Essays of 2003, and he's averaging about five or six a week. A couple of them have been linked from here; one of them actually originated here.

And if you've seen all the Carnival entries and all the other ephemera of the blogosphere and would like to do this sort of thing yourself some day, Tim Dunlop has some excellent advice. (How excellent? It made Peschel's list.)

Thanks for coming.

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Thanks for the plug. You're the first to notice that I've seen, partly because I haven't told anyone about this project. I'm afraid one day I'm going to click on one too many sites with pictures of people's pets and go ka-blooey. If I push through with this for another month, then I may get around to telling people.

One neat thing about January's results is that there's a pretty good balance among humorous, personal, political and other pieces. The only lack is of any anti-war essays. Haven't found a good one yet, but I'm looking.

Posted by: Bill Peschel at 9:24 PM on 30 January 2003

Hey Chaz... thanks for getting Bill scurrying around for essays. In doing so, he stumbled onto my asparagus piece (guess you call a piece of asparagus a 'spear') and posted it at his place for Jan. 30. And I'll know where to come back now for a good selection of other folk's stuff!

Posted by: fredf at 12:22 PM on 31 January 2003