The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

31 January 2003

There's one in every organization

Poor Edward. He's been on the job barely a week, and already he has to put up with this:

"You're pretentious," she repeats.

I wait a moment for some sort of explanation, clarification, or additional commentary, but none comes. "Why," I ask, "do you say I'm pretentious?"

"Look at you," she says. "Sitting there reading your book."

"Reading on my lunch hour makes me pretentious?" I ask.

"Sitting there where everyone can see you, reading a book no one else would understand, so everyone can see how smart you are, it's pretentious."

This woman has issues, you think? You haven't heard the half of it.

And actually, neither has anyone else, as of this writing; Edward, his storyteller instincts honed to a fine edge, is letting the details accumulate rather than jumping to the punchline. Look for the entries titled "Pretention" and read upward.

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Thanks for the plug. I've collected the series into a PDF for easy reading.

Posted by: edward at 11:25 PM on 31 January 2003