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7 February 2003

Fahrenheit 4.51

When it gets this cold, you can convince yourself that the decimal places actually mean something.

From the onset of the howl to the last decaying harmonics, the sound of the 6:15 freight took about twice as long as usual this morning. I don't know whether this was a trick of the atmosphere or a problem with the track — I do know that railroad men have been working on the bed just west of the Air Depot crossing — but the call of the horn was so long and so mournful that I wondered if Junior Parker's Mystery Train, sixteen coaches long, was the train actually making the run. And given the fourfold increase in minor (and maybe not so minor) physical issues I've faced this year, I've got to wonder if next time the train is coming for me.

(Aside to Elvis: Yeah, I know, you'd have hopped that freight and dared them to take your baby away. That's why you're Elvis and the rest of us aren't.)

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Do you live next door to me?? That damn train woke me up about the same time this morning! Gawd! Sometimes those horns can sound like a train screaming out of the pits of hell and it becomes part of nightmare. Add the fire station around the block to's a wonder I ever sleep at all.

Posted by: Anne at 10:03 AM on 7 February 2003

Woo - that post gave me shivers, physical and metaphysical.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 11:12 AM on 7 February 2003