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14 February 2003

Still ahead of Senegal

The Oklahoma Department of Health issued its annual We Are In Sorry-Ass Shape report yesterday, complete with ominous warnings and the usual gratuitous Third World comparison — this time to Costa Rica, where the estimated life expectancy is a tick or two higher than Oklahoma's. I searched in vain for a video from Costa Rica's last killer ice storm.

Who gets the blame? Some of it goes to the state's residents themselves, who simply can't bring themselves to conform to the standards of the New Puritanism, and some of it goes to the state, which has inexplicably failed to quintuple the tobacco tax or to enact anything resembling mandatory health insurance.

"The current state of the state's health," says the report, is "unacceptable." Well, of course. Were it excellent, you'd all be out of a job.

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Soooo, you live in Oklahoma. Why would you want to add even more years to your sentence?


Obnoxious Texan

Posted by: South of Red River at 8:42 AM on 15 February 2003

I'm a glutton for punishment?

Posted by: CGHill at 8:52 AM on 15 February 2003

Actually, I was kidding. I take the occasional business trip to Tulsa and it has its charm. 1920's tudor homes that would cost 700k to 2M here in the big D were 250 to 500k. People are nice too. And most importantly, plenty of women with big hair. Not Dallas-big, but pretty darn close.

Obnoxious Texan

Posted by: South of Red River at 9:21 AM on 15 February 2003