The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 February 2003

Failure to prognosticate

Around 7 pm, what passes for nightlife around here begins, and everyone loads up the cars and heads out to the Interstates.

Where they promptly slid into the guardrail. The weather guys had said nothing whatsoever about freezing drizzle and snow flurries last night — wasn't any chance of precipitation at all, in fact — and right on time at 7 pm, with the temperature dropping just below freezing, out came the partygoers, wholly unprepared for the carnage awaiting them within the next couple of miles.

Well, okay, it wasn't that bad, in the sense that no one got killed or anything, but you can probably expect a higher proportion of tow-truck operators on your next Caribbean cruise.

Posted at 9:24 AM to Weather or Not